New red banner of China, as a reflection of the way to the future


In China, there are so many car companies that honestly, all of them, and do not keep track of them, as you do not try. But there are companies that are system-forming in the industry. One of these is #faw — First Automobile Works. This is a Chinese state automotive company, and the oldest automotive company founded in 1953. And one of its oldest brands, signs for China in all sense, is Hongqi, which means translated into Russian # Red Banner.

Nothing does not mean the irreversible movement of the Chinese automotive industry along the path of electrification, as an electrification of the «red banner». Yes, the State FAW State Company does not «run, pants, for the Komsomol.» Their movement is smooth and gradual.

The plans of the concern on the 14th five-year plan there is a way out of production level of 40% of electric vehicles brand #hongqi. And by 2030, the share of fully electric cars should come closer to 100%. This will happen, including at the production facilities of the newest plant «

It is worth noting that # digiculization for the Chinese industry is not a slogan and not an empty sound. As claimed in the FAW guide, digitalization is the only way and the inevitable trend of the automotive industry. And it is in this direction that the transformation of the entire FAW production structure is now. The ultimate goal of digital transformation of enterprises — # electrification products and the use of technologies in them # AI.

This year, at the Shanghai Motor Show, the Hongqi brand showed its latest advanced technologies and developments. Among them, the newest platform for electrified and intelligent vehicles of the next generation with hundreds of key technological patents — Hongqi Hei2.0. It was also represented by its own hydrogen engine and an original 300-kilowatte Xinhongqi electric drive system.

Currently, in the framework of the Hongqi Faw brand, it produces four fully electrical models — a medium-sized E-QM5 sedan (battery 54 ~ 56 kW * h. Range 431 km), Hongqi E-HS9 SUV (battery 84 ~ 99 kW * h. Range 460 ~ 510 km), crossover HONGQI E-HS3 (battery 53 kW * h. Range 344 ~ 407 km).

Also in the brand line there is an HONGQI H7 PHEV hybrid, and hybrid # sports car Hongqi S9.

The flagship model of the SUV, HONGQI E-HS9 is equipped with a synchronous engine with permanent magnets on the front and rear axle. The electrocar is offered in two versions.

The initial version has a power of 218 hp (160 kilowatt), maximum torque 350 nm and range of 460 km. The powerful version gives 333 hp (245 kilowatt), and has a range of 510 km. This # electric car has 7 motion modes, and overclocking from 0 to 100 km / h occupies less than 4 seconds.

Listen not to words, but look at things. And real affairs say that China is planning to decarbonization of the transport and energy sectors. They do it clearly, and consistently. Yes, they are now used, among other things, our hydrocarbon resources and electricity. But they do not waste them and do not «burn» wasted, but with their help transform.

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