New Renault Mobilize Limo — Electric Mobile as a Service


Today Renault represented the new electric car of his new brand Mobilize Limo. The Mobilize project was represented by Renault this year, as part of the presentation of the Strategy «

So, # brand

limo is a completely # electric sedan, with a range of run on one charging

Personally, in my opinion, I think that this car will quickly switch in personal garages, as even at first glance, this is exactly what I was waiting for Reno. I can even assume that after a year and a half on the basis of this model, an electric sedan will appear for the open market. After all, while the company has no model that could compete with Tesla Model 3.

Renault successively implements its electrification program. Part of this program is the construction of new production facilities, the transformation of olders, also the construction of its own battery plants. But mostly it all happens on the space of Europe, in China. In Russia, where our main car manufacturer # AvtoVAZ is also part of the RENAULT group, the process of starting the production of electrocarbers is delayed.

According to the President of AvtoVAZ Nicolas Mora, the production of electric vehicles #Lada is scheduled to begin in 2027-2028.

As you see, it has great importance here that our # government is very slow in terms of understanding that electric vehicles are inevitable, that this is the main way of developing world car industry, and that no magical # gas engines will be able to replace gasoline and diesel passenger transport, just Because they are not in the production strategies of automakers. We assume that the final turn of the Russian government towards electric vehicles will happen a year after the launch of production at the Berlin Gigafybrik #tesla. Just because by this time it will be absolutely obvious to the direction and dynamics of demand for electric cars from Europeans, and will also be an answer from old European automakers who will accelerate their electrification.

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