New Shepard delivers 90-year-old actor William Shatner, who played Captain Kirk in Star Trek, into space


Billionaire Jeff Bezos’ private space company Blue Origin successfully completed its second commercial flight today, with a crew of four aboard the RSS First Step reusable capsule. The reusable New Shepard launch vehicle brought the RSS First Step capsule to suborbital altitude,

But this flight stood out from all previous suborbital «jumps» and tourist flights in that the crew included 90-year-old actor William Shatner, who played Captain Kirk in the famous fantasy series #star trek. His brave film hero has inspired people for many decades, guiding them along the path to space, and now William Shatner himself was able to practically «touch space.» By the way, today William Shatner is the oldest person who has been in space.

Upon returning to Earth, in a conversation with Jeff Bezos, William Shatner could not contain his emotions, telling his feelings. This experience shocked him so much.

Yes, the old actor is overwhelmed with emotion. But these are emotions about the lofty, about the Earth, about the meaning of life, about the preservation of life. According to experts, Shatner’s words echo what astronauts have called the «view effect,» the psychological effect experienced by those who have seen the Earth from space. Its main message lies precisely in the thoughts and words about how precious the Earth is, and about the environmental problems that threaten our planet as such.

As you can see from the words of William Shatner, this flight was donated to him by Blue Origin. Note that a private company that produces rockets with its own private money donated a flight to the world famous actor who has glorified space travel throughout his career. This is very remarkable, especially today.

Audrey Powers is Blue Origin’s VP of Flights. She took a place in the carriage according to the «quota» of the company. This should once again show how confident the company is in the safety of its suborbital system;

Glen de Vries is Vice Chair of Life Sciences and Healthcare of the French software company Dassault Systèmes. He paid for a seat in the capsule;

Chris Boschuisen is the co-founder of Planet Earth Observing Company from San Francisco. He also became a commercial crew member.

After the flight, Bezos gifted each of the four crew members with Blue Origin astronaut wings.

So, this # flight, as can be seen from its name, became the 18th flight of the New Shepard reusable launch vehicle, and the second «manned» suborbital jump. Everything went smoothly, according to plan. The #new shepard launch vehicle landed on the landing pad with pinpoint accuracy, and the RSS First Step capsule landed safely by parachute near the company’s cosmodrome.

It’s also worth noting that Blue Origin’s stock vehicles are #rivian electric pickups. This is absolutely understandable and natural, because #Jeff Bezos and #amazon are major shareholders of this electromobility company and its customers.

Jeff Bezos himself led one of the Rivians to the start of the New Shepard, in which he was sitting, including #William Shatner. The head of the company led the «tourists» to the entrance to the capsule, and met them near the landing capsule at the end of the mission.

It seems that space is as important to Bezos as it is to Elon Musk. Yes, #blue origin lags behind #spacex, both in the development of its space technology, and in the program for creating its own

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