New Specter of luxury and superiority from foggy Albion


The news came from the UK, where Rolls-Royce Motor Cars CEO Thorsten Müller-Otwes announced that Rolls-Royce would become an all-electric brand by 2030 and announced the imminent launch of the company’s first all-electric limousine.

Someone will say that, they say, you are again talking about luxury class cars, and this is not for ordinary people. And they will be right. Yes, Rolls-Royce, and with it Bentley, have always been the standard of technological luxury for the elite. That didn’t change when BMW bought Rolls-Royce and #volkswagen took #bentley. But in the coming era of electrification of cars, because of the positions of the parent companies, the fate of British brands could diverge in different directions. If VW has clearly embarked on the path of electromobility, which will fall under all brands belonging to the VW Group, then Rolls-Royce could be left far behind in this movement. This is because BMW executives are clearly delaying a major transition into the electric era. At least compared to Volkswagen. But the Bavarian concern is still going in this direction, and the news from Rolls-Royce Motor Cars is another confirmation of this.

At the presentation of the company’s new product and strategy, Thorsten Müller-Otves emphasized that electrification of the Rolls-Royce range is natural and ideal for the company. What parameters should a hatch-class car meet? They are simple: smooth running, instant power, quiet, vibration-free, and so on. And all this gives an electric drive. It would seem that for the «elite», which is accustomed to getting everything from life, it may not matter if paid parking lots for ICE cars, and prohibitions on entering them into certain territories, or increased taxes, which will undoubtedly increase over time on gasoline and diesel # cars. But here other principles come into force, when politicians and the «elite» create new directions of development.

Here, by the way, I would like to refute the «colleagues» from other publications, who, in an impulse to get a slight hype, began to cunningly interpret the words of the head of the BMW development department Frank Weber, which he said at the last Munich Motor Show. He did not say that #bmw would not abandon internal combustion engines at all. He said that the transformation process will take some time, during which all the necessary infrastructure conditions must be created.

You have to understand that not a single company working in this area and in this space will leave the implementation of the laws adopted in the EU countries and in the UK. Therefore, the tightening of environmental standards, the ban from a certain time on the sale of gasoline and diesel vehicles will undoubtedly be reflected in the production policies of automakers. Whether full electromobility will happen by 2030 or 2040 is irrelevant. The main thing is that this is absolutely inevitable. And the new strategy of a company like Rolls-Royce is another confirmation of this.

The CEO of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars said bluntly:

Well, it seems that everything is clear, clear and understandable here. There is no point in speculation and any interpretation. Everything repeats itself on a new round of technology. At first, cars were the privilege of a select few, then they became available to almost everyone. Then the competition was «won» by fossil-fuel cars, and today they are coming to an end, and #electric cars are taking their place. Civilization is constantly developing and evolving. In electromobility, of course, #tesla is playing the first fiddle, but Rolls-Royce’s new strategy is a landmark event for the entire industry.

Earlier in 2016, # rolls-royce introduced an electric #showcar called

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