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One of the main issues that somewhat slowed down global electromobilization were the price of a new electric vehicle, the minimum range of mileage per charge, and the «health» of the battery in the cold season. And it seemed to many that it was quite problematic to solve all these issues in one electric car. But as usual, the Chinese have closed this issue.

China is gradually becoming not only the most important world car market, which is quite natural, given the population of the Middle Kingdom, as well as the neighboring countries, which are also consumers of Chinese products. At the same time, as you know, China is implementing a national strategy for decarbonization of transport and energy. This process is not quick, not instant, it will take at least two decades. And, of course, an important point in this process will be people’s electromobilization. Yes, dozens of electric vehicle models are now being produced in China, among which Tesla is among the undisputed leaders. But all automakers understand that for the complete victory of electric vehicles, the consumer needs to offer a car with the basic set of qualities that I mentioned above.

At the beginning of the year, news feeds and the Chinese electric vehicle market literally blew up

The Chinese automobile company Changan has launched the E-Star A-class electric vehicle on the market. Translated into our rubles, its price varies

Even in its appearance, the electric car looks quite dignified. This is definitely not a «stool». It is a classic city car in size. Its dimensions (length x width x height (mm) — 3730 × 1650 × 1560. Wheelbase 2410 mm. MacPherson strut suspension on both axles. Trunk volume is also appropriate — 147 liters. # The car is equipped with wheels of size 15. an electric car, in all its trim levels there is even an electronic tire pressure monitoring.

The plant gives a guarantee for the car for

What will be of interest to the potential Russian owner of this electric vehicle is that it is equipped with a battery thermoregulation system in all its configurations. It has an automatic battery heating if the ambient temperature is below the specified rating for normal operation. A normal battery charging temperature range

Again, for all the budget-friendly price of this electric car, it has not only energy recovery, but even a #sports option on the driving mode selector. This is on all trim levels. Two «expensive» configurations differ from the two «budget» ones simply by their cosmic appearance. LED headlights, divided into several elements, digital instrument panel with a large multimedia screen in the middle, # multi-wheel, electric parking brake. That is, the #changan company decided to release not just a people’s electric car, but really did a good job on its equipment, both technical and internal design.

And tell me, what else # a new electric car for that kind of money can you find, with such characteristics and equipment? You will not find a new one. As I said above, this is, in principle, a city electric car, but with its declared range in

Summing up, we can say that we see an electric car, which deservedly can receive the title of «People’s electric car». Well, our Russian car dealers should think about how to start bringing this car to Russia. There will be no end of clients.

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