Nio dials speed in all directions — sales, production, infrastructure, new plant and R & D


NIO, which many call the Chinese Tesla, is not what copies, but goes familiar by development. Recently, the company published his report for the third quarter, in which there are also forecast figures for the 4th quarter.

And then, most interesting, it was possible to read the statements of some «experts», claiming that NiO increases the «loss», investing in # R & D, the development of new models, construction of a service network and its own plant. In this, by the way, there is a difference between the thinking of an accountant and economist. Investing in fixed assets, in the capital construction of production facilities can not be considered a loss, since this is exactly what ultimately creates profits.

Currently, # Electric vehicles are produced on the capacities of the joint venture Jac Nio. This allowed the company to enter the Chinese market and start exporting to Norway. The volume, of course, does not strongly reach the TESLA indicators. In general, according to the result of this year, it is supposed to sell about 100,000 electrocars.

Now it is # SUVs (ES6 and ES8), and # cross-coupe EC6. Next year, the production lines will rise

And next year, the NIO’s own plant will be put into operation, the construction of which is now ends in Neopark in Hefei, Anhui Province. The construction of the plant began on April 29, and the main design was completed on August 26. Now work on communications, and the installation of the equipment will begin at the end of November. The projected production capacity of the new plant is declared at the level

Together with the current factory, in two years Nio will be able to release

One of the Success factors NIO became the branded # charging infrastructure. The company parallelly creates two charge networks, these are charging and metabolic stations and classic charging stations. As of November 10, NIO has

That is, NiO clients can choose which charging option is more suitable.

Another important factor in the successful development of #Nio is the permanent work on improving key electromotive key indicators. In particular, the company works to create a traction battery capacity

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