Norway paves the way to solar power in South Africa at RUB 1.75 per kWh


Norway becomes one of the world leaders in promoting green technologies. They pursue this policy both inside the country and outside. In Norway itself, within a year or two, cars running on fossil fuels will no longer be sold. And this is the choice of the citizens themselves, for whom it is more profitable and more convenient to ride an electric car. Also «Viking country»


the competition was not small. Initially, the ministry pre-selected

Within the framework of the last tender, wind power projects were also distributed. There, the minimum price of kW was, in rubles,

As for the tender, in which the Norwegian company won, the cooperation will be on an equal footing, in the form of a joint venture. Scatec will own 51% of the shares, local partner Black Economic Empowerment 46.5%, and Community Trust 2.5%.

The project should be completed within 2 years, and by the end of 2023, clean energy from the new #PPs will reach the homes of South Africans.

Here is another interesting question. It is interesting to see the statistics of sales of electric vehicles in South Africa, and especially #tesla. After all, # South Africa is the birthplace of Elon Musk. And with the growth of renewable generation, and with very favorable tariffs, electric cars and other electrified vehicles will be in great demand in South Africa and neighboring countries.

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