November Ecomir — Natural Protection and Eco-friendly Urban Planning without Men


The team of the All-Russian educational publication «Ecomir» prepared for you and your schoolchildren’s children’s next interesting number of our newspaper. We tell affordable and understandable about the problems of ecology and how to solve them, about topical topics, including health care. What is especially important today is about a healthy lifestyle and natural assistants who will help strengthen the natural # immunity of a person so that he can be able to confront new threats. And this is actually possible. In Nature there is a balance. If something from nature can threaten a person, then there is something that can become a shield from these threats.

Also in the room there are pages of poetry, environmental education. In one of the applications, you will learn an example of environmentally friendly urban planning, which is particularly relevant due to a variety of examples of the construction of ghetto-human quarters.


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