On an electric car 1000 km on one charging — this is the ocean-x


In the electric car with one «ocean» it became more. Earlier electromotive name

The Chinese company byd, represented by Van Chuanfu, Chairman and President Byd, the other day presented its new ones, as they declare, revolutionary development in the field of electric car heighting. The world was presented a new electric platform «

Today, the basis of any modern electric vehicle is its platform, which is part of which is a battery pack and an electrical transmission. BYD developed a 3rd generation platform, which meets all the most rigid requirements that customers are presented.

The platform is based on the Bard Battery battery, integrated into the frame, which gives the rigidity and strength of the structure. Another feature of the new platform was a new system of active thermoregulation. The direct cooling and heating of the battery increases the thermal # efficiency to 20%, which gives a decrease in energy loss. The thermal pump system is designed to work in the temperature range from -30 to 60, which in turn increases the range of the run in the winter to 20%.

Remember, some commentators wrote «That’s when # electric car will drive 1000 km on one charge, then let’s talk»? Well, this time is already coming.

In addition, in #Byd declare that a new onboard charger is integrated into the platform, which allows you to charge the electrocard even faster than before. It is able in 5 minutes to «fill» into the energy battery 150 km. Let’s talk directly if you eat for a long distance, it is unlikely that your «shoulder» of non-stop ride was ever more than 1000 km. Maximum kilometers of 800. And you, of course, stop at EZS to relax, recover, eat. And it will be more than 5 minutes. And during this time, if the power of the charging itself allows you to charge your future electric car byd almost completely.

The presentation presents the concept of sports sedan # Ocean-X, which is based on a new platform E Platform 3.0.

The electric car is characterized by short skes, which should personify the sporty character, and a longer wheelbase, which significantly increases the passenger space, making it very comfortable.

What conceptual Ocean-x will reach the stage of production until it is not clear, but today in Moscow you can personally appreciate the other electric car of the company,

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Automaker calls a new platform E Platform 3.0 «8-B-1». The decodes of this «8-B-1» are no detailed. But let’s think about the battery, a transmission, an electric motor, an inverter, an active thermoregulation system, a digital component (software), frame itself. Something is missing. OK. I hope soon # the Chinese will tell more detail about the «8-in-1» components. But now it is clear that E Platform 3.0 can become one of the standards in the global electric car height.