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Today the heads of Belarus and Russia, Alexander Lukashenko and Vladimir Putin, respectively, again spoke about the development of the electromobility sphere.

Alexander Lukashenko raised this issue at a meeting with the leadership of the Council of Ministers of Belarus, and Vladimir Putin, answering a question during a regular meeting of the Valdai Discussion Club. And, as has become usual, the heads of the two allied states, in fact, found themselves on opposite sides of the «barricades.»

As we can see, # Belarus, and personally # Alexander Lukashenko, are consistent conductors of the development of the electromobility sphere in the space of the former USSR. # President Lukashenko, correctly noting that the republic does not have «bottomless» reserves of hydrocarbons, relies on innovative development, an integral part of which are # electric cars, charging infrastructure and frequent power generation, including # nuclear power plants.

For several years now, there have been financial incentives in the republic that encourage citizens to buy electric vehicles. In particular, the import duty on electric vehicles has been canceled in Belarus. And it should be noted that Belarus is promoting this point at the EAEU level as well. Also, in the republic, citizens are almost completely compensated for # vat on the purchase of an electric car. There are also a lot of pleasant bonuses for taxes and parking. A program for the development of charging infrastructure is being implemented, ranging from new buildings and parking lots near public buildings, and ending with charging at gas stations. It should be noted here that the republic has its own production of charging equipment.

At the end of the meeting, Minister of Economy of Belarus Alexander Chervyakov said that the volume of benefits for the purchase of electric transport will only grow.

The minister also stressed that, in general, this process will reduce emissions of polluting gases, while creating new industries and new points of growth in the country’s economy.

Indeed, what a contrast was the today’s words about this sphere, said by Putin at a meeting of the #valdai club. There were many words.

Separately, many of these words would probably be true. But everything must be understood in context and process. On the one hand, #Putin says that Russia has one of the “greenest” generations, on the other hand, he says that gas engines should be developed. On the one hand, he says that, for example, in Germany, coal generation is larger in volume than in Russia, but he does not say that

This policy, or we can say maneuvering or balancing, is exactly what we wrote about in the article “

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