On the Forum «Army-2021» Moscow Polytech presented Smart Shattl


The Moscow-2021 forum that opens today, the Moscow Polytechnic Polytech presented its unmanned SMART Shattl. In principle, this in itself is somewhat strange, and it looks somewhat foreign, when the military-technical forum is purely civilians, and how the creators, technique for the park zone are certified. He will not even suit the rapid delivery of pilots to his aircraft, if you remember how the karting was invented.

And now let’s talk about the device itself. Unfortunately, even on the Moscow Polytechnic website, it was not possible to find any detailed technical information about this innovative Russian typewriter.

Judging by her design, her creators undoubtedly sought to create an excellent and promising product. And for the machine of this class, its design can be said, the most. But, as they say, there is not drinking water from the face.

What did you manage to extend about its technical characteristics? Everything is almost standard for unmanned shuttles. # Machine vision gets information from a complex of cameras, radars, ultrasonic sensors, and systems # GLONASS. Considering that the car is positioned as a vehicle movement in the park areas, it is quite enough for trouble-free operation. # Drone is designed for only 4 passengers.

Naturally, it is an # electric car. And for the declared range in

And this could be finished, but there is still the main question. What’s next? Remember, a couple of years ago loud spoke about the joint development of a unmanned shuttle # us and Kamaz? Excellent machine, and in characteristics, and design. And where is she? Is it put on mass production, at least for export? At least one of our unmanned project reached the level of commercialization, for example, like French companies #Navya, Easy Mile, and even from Estonian #auve Tech? We told you about them in the material «

Not at all implore the engineering abilities of our students. They will certainly create techniques at the highest technical level. The question is different. Is it created only for exhibitions or still actually starts to be done? When the works of talented people are created only in the exhibition version, it is not surprising that for the effective implementation of their knowledge, some go to work in the same #tesla, or implement their thoughts abroad.

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