President Putin considers the urgent all-round development of «green» generation in Russia


President # Putin today

As usual, # CTC makes emphasis on the fact that often lowered the main # media. About the «hysteria in Europe» is not interested in talking, it is not so productive. But it is worth staying in words that describe the vision of Putin’s problems of ecology, climate, interaction under the Paris Climate Agreement.

In fact, for many, today’s words will seem to be a certain revelation, and the critics of the «green» energy even their «drain». For this public, Ilon Mask was the goal for «whipping», then they, realizing the impact of information attacks on the mask, found another goal, which became Swedish schoolgirl # Greta Tunberg. But here, except for the air shaking, they have little.

So, from the fragment of direct speech Putin, you can understand that in Russia the climate problems are understood in Russia, and the inevitability of the transformation of the global energy industry towards its decarbonization. Therefore, in Russia, with all our peculiarities, but all directions of renewable energy will be developed gradually. In the end, this is not only mainstream, but useful and creates new economic growth points.

Of course, how much you were able to read, did not cost without standard words about the gas engines. Here I have only one oncoming question: and who, and in what quantity of these # is the gas engines going to produce?

To answer this question you just need to extract our materials in which we are talking about the production strategies of the world’s largest automakers, and everything will become understandable to you. No, and there will be no gas stores in any significant amount. Gas engines, if there are, it will be temporary, transitional options. And then only in narrow segments of commercial and may be public transport. In the mass passenger sector, they both were and will be a marginal element.

But these words, about struggle with forest fires, it would be necessary to hang in the frame to those who say that forest fires is a type of natural and useful.

Summing up, I want to say that in fact we are seeing the elements of the «reactive policy», that is, the reaction to # trends that are formed and implemented on the spaces of the largest economies — Europe, China, USA. No matter how hard the Russian oil and gas lobby tries and manufacturers of the DVS transport, they cannot affect these trends in any way. They will be forced to adapt to them, or passing their positions, or transforming and re-refilling. There is no other exit, and there will be no.

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