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A new electric vehicle brand was born in the UK. The founders of the company began to bother a lot with the search for a pathetic name, and just called it

But the stubborn British, the creators of WEVC, are apparently also real patriots, since so far they are doing everything on their own, and are not trying to enlist the support of large companies. In fact, if you look at who now owns the famous British car brands, it will be similar to the fate of VAZ, which joined the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance. Let’s just briefly go through the list: Jaguar and Land Rover — Tata Motors (India), Bentley Motors — Volkswagen (Germany), MINI — BMW (Germany), Vauxhall-Stellantis (a transnational concern where, in fact, Peugeot-Citroën ), the famous metro cab — Geely (China), and

By the way, an important fact. The company is not just purely British, they also emphasize that in their work they rely on the principle of helping military personnel, veterans, reservists who, for one reason or another, find themselves in a difficult situation. So this is not only a modern innovative business, but also a socially responsible business, where patriotism is not just words, but the real thing is to provide a modern, high-tech, and well-paid job.

In addition to the island sovereignty in the foundation, the company, having presented its first electric car — the two-door coupe WEVC Coupe, created it in a purely British style. Although some auto experts see in it some echoes of the Porsche 356a. But in my personal opinion, this is a purely British design, which cannot be confused with anything.

The #wevc coupe is a two-door electric vehicle powered by its own PACES (Passenger And Commercial EV Skateboard) platform. By the way, based on the full name of the platform, it is clear that it is intended to create not only passenger cars, but also commercial electric vehicles.

The first deliveries of «serial» WEVC Coupe will begin in early 2022.

the PACES platform is an aluminum skateboard. This is a proprietary universal platform on the basis of which WEVC plans to begin production of commercial vans from 2023. On some expensive coupes, assembled to order, «you won’t go far.»

The production volume of commercial vans today is defined as

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