Pure ETCR — EV touring car racing that didn’t impress me


Dear readers, I wanted to please you, and be glad for myself that a real body series of electric car racing has finally appeared, but it did not work out. And it’s not that there are no races, they are, but only they did not impress me at all.

As a fan of racing with experience, who supported the «wizard» and «king of racing» Aerton Senna, for me the car is not just a set of pieces of iron. A race is literally a merger of a car and its driver; it is a long and painstaking work of the team’s engineers. And so I don’t really understand how you can create a racing series in which there is no work of engineers, mechanics, where the pilots race on the same cars. And although electric cars of three brands — Hyundai, SEAT, Alfa Romeo — take part in the Pure ETCR races, in fact they are practically the same cars.

Judge for yourself. The supplier of battery assemblies for all participants is the famous company

Of course, the race organizers, according to the #lego constructor principle, have assembled quite powerful racing cars. A 65 kWh battery pack, coupled with an electric transmission that delivers a continuous maximum power of 300 kW (410 hp) and a peak power of 500 kW (680 hp), allows the racing electric car to accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in 2.7 seconds. … This is at a torque of 960 Nm. These are excellent indicators.

But I really would like to see a race on authentic cars, and not on those that are simply hung with various bodies.

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