Rapid development of charging infrastructure in the world


The charging infrastructure for electric vehicles in the world and especially in China is developing at a very high rate. So, for example, just over the past weekend, the well-known Chinese company NIO launched 7 new battery swapping stations at once, and now the total number of such stations at NIO has reached 308 units. The target of 500 stations by the end of 2021 with such a rate of development will certainly be achieved. By the way, in June 7,777 units were registered in China. new electric vehicles of the #nio brand. This is a very good indicator for one of the most ambitious companies in China in the electric vehicle market.

Tesla, as one of the leaders in the Chinese electric vehicle market, is also confidently expanding its charging network. So, over the weekend, 2 new V3 Supercharger stations were put into operation in Yichang (12 chargers) in Hubei province and Pingdingshan (6 chargers) in Henan province (central China).

At these two new V3 stations, #supercharger Tesla offers the most advanced V3 chargers. These V3 chargers feature redesigned architecture, new liquid-cooled cables to lighten the weight of the charging equipment, and better dissipate heat generated during fast charging. The use of a new 1 MW power cabinet makes it possible to maintain peak powers of up to 250 kW per electric vehicle. The new V3 power electronics are designed to enable owners to charge their EVs at the full power their # battery supports, without having to share power with another EV on a nearby charger during charging.

The V3 charger is capable of supporting a peak charging power of up to 250 kW, more than 2 times the performance of the V2 charger. Charging at V3 stations for 15 minutes allows you to stock up on energy for a range of up to 250 km.

Tesla previously announced infrastructure development on June 23, when a new Supercharger fast charging station in Lhasa (Chinese # Tibet) was opened. This charging station uses solar energy and energy storage systems to efficiently use renewable energy.

Pingdingshan Station #tesla V3 Supercharger is the 27th station in Henan province. Tesla has currently installed over 200 fast chargers in the province.

In the province of # Hubei, Tesla has 19 Supercharger stations with 161 chargers.

Also in Australia in June 2021, the country’s first fast charging station V3 Supercharger from Tesla was opened. The station officially opened in Devonport, Tasmania, near the Spirit of Tasmania marine terminal. This location is an important part of the infrastructure and should attract even more tourists and guests to the state.

We continue to monitor the market and technologies for charging infrastructure for electric vehicles around the world and participate in the development of the Russian charging infrastructure.

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