Replace the battery on an electric car in one minute.


Still, the format of the express replacement of the battery on the electric car in the near future will be one of the mainstream directions for the development of the automotive industry. At one time, Tesla also tested this technology, but he left it in favor of the development of the corporate network of charging stations. As far as far distance, we will find out in the future, and now Chinese companies begin to fight for customers, creating them the conditions for which even did not dream of owners not that many electric vehicles, but even gasoline cars.

After Tesla refused technology express replacement of the battery unit on an electric car, the company’s leader was NiO. She initially designed its electric cars, given the possibility of a quick automatic replacement of the battery. And as part of the development of this technology

Seeing the interest of electric cars in this service, one of the giants of the Chinese auto industry decided to start developing SWAP technology. Geely, which unites 16 brands, a year ago, in parallel with the release of electric minivan Maple 80V based on the Geely Jiaji model, in Chongqing, opened the first test station for express replacement of the battery operating on the NIO principle. But in Geely, having worked on the technology, they accelerated the process of replacing the battery, putting it in

Now Geely has only one electrocar model that was created initially with the calculation of the use of SWAP technology, this is the # minivan Maple 80V. The range of this family car is declared at the level

With the increasing number of sales of this «electric train» and geography, the number of E ENERGEE SWAP stations has also increased. Now such stations work in dozens of cities across the country. And judging by the latest press release Geely, the company’s management of this technology is recognized as promising and commercially profitable. And, profitable and for the electric car themselves. The company says that one SWAP (that is, the replacement) will cost

Also important moments in Geely consider the absolute security of the charging process. # Accumulators are not charged by car, but on the racks #swap station, along the way they are tested for malfunctions and damage. That is, the electric car receives not only a fully charged battery, but also proven.

Now #Geely intends to create a network of 5000 charging SWAP stations e-Energee in 4 years, as a result, comparent by their number with NiO.

The development of electromotive technologies is so rapidly and diverse, in the near future services with them will be more than the motorist will be able to imagine. And one of the main points of fears of electric vehicles, namely, a long-time charging will be left in the past. Now the power of charging stations is growing, the # electric vehicles themselves already «taught» taking the top-stop charging, and another battery replacement service will also be developed in parallel. A single-minute # replacement of the battery, it is even faster than «splash» into the car tank gasoline by 500 rubles.

Undoubtedly, for China this system will eventually begin to apply in Europe, and you look, and #tesla will return to the entire battery replacement technology.

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