Retro design from Hyundai in honor of the neurobilee sedan Grandeur


We will talk about the electric models that Hyundai is preparing for a serial release, we’ll talk later, and now it turned out retro evening, imagine their electric car created in honor of the 35th anniversary of the exit of the flagship sedan Grandeur in 1986. Here the principle is the same as with

In 1986, #Hyundai released Sedan #Grandeur. In principle, nothing noticeable car. One of many. But it took 35 years, not at all the anniversary, but, but this is a reason to create an electric car based on a sedan with a classic design for the 80s. As they say in Hyundai itself, give the tribute to the original magnificent flagship sedan.

External # design almost completely repeats the original Grandeur. A noticeable difference is of course immediately visible in optics — diodes in pixel style in the new version, instead of halogen in the old car.

The most interesting thing in this car inside. Here it is really a mixture of styles and generations.

On the one hand, a modern «dashboard» with LCD displays, # Multi-mall and multimedia system. A select torque selector is made in the form of an aviation lever of ore. It immediately suggests that this is a modern car.

But further # Vintage. The door card looks modestly as straight from the 80s. But the upholstery of the front armchairs and the rear sofa burgundy velvet and the skin of Napa on the lacing, complemented by the red pixel backlight in the ceiling already gives all the stylistics # disco. By the way, in Hyundai so straight and say that they intended to give the design «musical» style.

They succeeded. Immediately wanted to put

In short, the spirit of the mid-80s at the Koreans turned out to be created.

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