Rivian Announces Significant Expansion of Its Electric Vehicle Lineup


The electric car company Rivian, being, in fact, only at the start of its, I hope, a long journey, received trademark registration for several more models.

Currently, Rivian, whose major investors are Amazon and #ford Motor, has begun production of three electric trains — the R1T pickup truck, the R1S SUV, and a commercial van commissioned by Amazon. The company has obviously made a decision to build on its success without delaying the implementation of expansion plans on the back burner.

Rivian has registered the trademarks of upcoming 6 new electric vehicle models with the relevant US registration authorities — R3S, R4S, R5S, R3T, R4T and R5T. As the name suggests, it will be 3 new pickup trucks and an SUV. Company sources say these models will be in production by 2025. There is also information that the numerical designations in the names of new models can speak of their dimensions, since these cars will be supplied to the markets of Europe and China, where there is an idea of \ u200b \ u200bthe cars, and the preferences of buyers.

Now Rivian is developing its production at the plant bought from #mitsubishi in Normal, Illinois. The plant was completely reconstructed and renewed. Production on it has not yet reached full capacity, we can say that now the process of running in and fine-tuning the entire technological process is underway. The first private customers will receive their electric vehicles at the beginning of autumn. And the first commercial electric vans have already arrived in #amazon fleets. It is also noteworthy, and natural, that Rivian SUVs entered the fleet of Jeff Bezos’ space company #blue origin, on which Bezos himself, and members of the team of his first suborbital flight on #new shepard, drove up to the start, and on which they were met after landing.

One could say that this is a tracing of #tesla and #spacex, but since Amazon owns a large stake in Rivian, it is natural that Blue Origin will also drive Rivian.

For Robert Scaringe’s company, this is just the beginning of an imminent big expansion. Negotiations are currently underway for the construction of two new factories. One, presumably, will find his residence in Arizona, near the town of Mesa. Its own battery production will also be built there. Another plant is likely to be built overseas in the UK. Any investment decision is likely to be worth more than £ 1 billion ($ 1.39 billion), British officials said.

The caution of British officials is understandable, because there is also talk about the possible arrival of Tesla on the islands with its own production. Either way, Rivian is breathing down the back of Tesla’s neck. And although they are still lagging behind Elon Musk’s company in terms of the number of factories, they are clearly not going to lag behind for a long time.

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