Rivian has successfully reached NASDAQ, overtaking on the capitalization of such giants as Ford and GM


Yesterday, the electric car company Robert Skarinj came out with his shares on the NASDAQ stock exchange.

The debut turned out to be more than successful. At the price of the placement of shares of $ 78, in two days of trading, their course rose to $ 117, and at the peak, the price reached $ 125 per share.

This jerk allowed Rivian from the go to bypass in terms of the market capitalization of the oldest giants of the automotive industry and the world, #ford and General Motors.

Thanks to #iPo Rivian receives additional capital, which will be invested in the construction of at least one more plant, as the company plans to increase the number of models in the coming years in the coming years. Currently, the production capacity of the plant in Normal (Illinois)

If you pay attention to the photo (photo below) from the list of listing, which was given by the head of the company in the workshops of the plant, in the presence of his family, children, and the team of the enterprise, then you will see that the factory already employs two production lines. At one gather # Pickups R1T and # SUVs R1S, and on another # commercial vans, pursuant to mega order

Of course, it is not worth saying that Rivian will catch up and run out #tesla, but # Robert Skarinja is the same as # Ilon Mask is a man of ideas and mission. Therefore, he will make every effort that his #rivian company developed.

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