Rivian is preparing for an IPO.


So, gentlemen, fellow investors, you are ready to diversify your savings by adding shares of an electric car company to your basket

Almost 4 years ago, when the company first loudly announced itself, presenting its own platform and prototypes of its first electric vehicles, many probably thought that this was another #startup that would fail. And they were wrong. Already in 2019, when the company

It is planned that by the end of the year a little over 1000 electric vehicles will be produced and delivered. At the end of October, the portfolio of pre-orders for R1T and R1S was estimated at 55,400 pieces.

A milestone will happen for the company next week. The #nasdaq exchange will start trading Rivian shares. The company will issue 135 million shares at prices ranging from $ 72 to $ 74 per share. Previously, the starting price was assumed at $ 57-62. And even before the start of trading, there are those who will definitely be the winners right now. These are Ford and Amazon. As we wrote earlier, in 2019 #ford bought a 12% stake in #rivian, investing half a billion dollars. At the start of trading, Ford’s share will rise in value to ~ $ 7 billion. Excellent returns for the visionary investor. #amazon, in turn, owns 22% of Rivian.

By the way, the successful investment of Ford in Rivian affected the performance of Ford itself. Judging by the schedule with Nasdaq, investors positively assess Ford’s participation in Scaridge’s company and look forward to their further mutually beneficial cooperation.

Financial market experts say that being in the status of a private company, Rivian has attracted investments in the amount of ~ $ 15 billion. The upcoming listing may add another ~ $ 8.5 billion in investment. Part of this investment will go towards expanding production and building new factories for the company. Earlier, there was information that Rivian plans to build a new plant in one of the southern states of the country, and it is also likely that another production point may appear in Europe.

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