Rogozin «asks for a place on the trampoline»


Roskosmos is ready to send Russian cosmonauts into space aboard the Crew Dragon spacecraft

Dmitry Rogozin said at the 72nd International Congress:


On Sunday at 9:21 am, the next crew of astronauts will leave for the ISS: Raja Chari, Kayla Barron, ESA (European Space Agency) astronaut Mathias Maurer, and veteran NASA astronaut Tom Marshburn.

This will be Crew Dragon’s fifth manned flight.

SpaceX has completed tests of the launch vehicle engines, nine engines of the first stage of the Merlin rocket worked for seven seconds, completing the fire test.

SpaceX has modernized Crew

Spacex engineers also redesigned the #crew dragon toilet system.

Work on #starship continues.

The company’s engineers have begun pre-flight tests, and last week they conducted a series of proof tests and Raptor-Vac, #raptor engines designed to operate in space. The launch is scheduled for November.

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