Rogozin once invited Elon Musk, Nelson, Branson and Bezos …


The news that the head of Roscosmos # Dmitry Rogozin invited the heads of #nasa, #spacex, Virgin Galactic and Blue Origin, respectively, Bill Nelson, Elon Musk, Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos to launch the Soyuz MS-19, at first amused me a little. An old nursery rhyme immediately came to mind «

Well, actually, why, what’s the point? In order not to laugh, but to be serious and find at least one way to justify such a step, I thought it was for the sake of establishing international cooperation in the space field. And of course it would be great to hold a conference with the participation of the heads of state space companies and the heads of private space companies. Dialogue of professionals, responsible persons, it is interesting and useful. It is always better to talk face to face, and not engage in throwing some informational substances at the fan with the hands of court bloggers. Just remember what all the previous years wrote in # the media about Elon Musk, for example.

But D. Rogozin’s tweet shattered all my dreams and serious dialogue about cooperation for the good of the Earth, and human expansion in the solar system. Everything turned out … No, not more prosaic, rather more comical.

Oh how.

I will even be glad to meet you personally. With whom?

Second. Well, I understand what to say «but we have # heads, or # clipper will not work.

But to invite «filmmakers» to be sent to # ISS. It remains only to make a helpless gesture …

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