Russia begins to prepare for the era of low carbon energy



This process in Russia has not been seriously perceived seriously, and even in every way to differ in the media for many years. But reality takes his own. For example, # Rosatom through his subsidiaries is developing wind power, and

Today, September 20, # Prime Minister of the Russian Government, # Mikhail Mishustin

The report on this topic presented the First Deputy Chairman of the Government # Andrei Belousov, appointed to coordinate the work of the working groups, in whose task is to prepare the economy to the conditions of low carbon development.

[… I remember that some Russian TV presenter who decided to go to the State Duma, said in one of the radio fleets that # China «

[Remember Forest # Fires of this year in Siberia. How much forests will remain with such a relationship after a few years?]

So, the goals are declared good, correct. It is a pity that only with the intake, at that time, which was spent to pretend that this process does not exist. But the main thing is what their implementation will be, and it depends on who it will be implemented! Those who really need it and worries, or those who would only master # budgets?

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