Russian design of the «moon motorcycle» Tardigrade


What will the future colonists of these worlds ride on the surface of the Moon and Mars in the near future? We have already seen the «moon buggy» of the American Apollo missions. Something like this, most likely, but already at a new technological stage, we will see in the next decade, when a person returns to the Moon, and maybe reaches Mars. #Toyota is currently developing a manned lunar rover based on hydrogen fuel cells. I have no doubt that #tesla, as an addition to Starship equipment, will create its own «alien» version of #cybertruck.

But while the Japanese and Americans are only drawing on paper, the Russian-German-Swedish «cooperation» has produced an amazing result.

German custom company

Lunar in this electric bike, first of all, the technology, which, as its creators see it, will be applicable to the Moon, and maybe to Mars. Firstly, it is made of composite materials, which is very important, because any kilogram on board a spacecraft is «worth its weight in gold.» The weight of the electric motorcycle of the #tardigrade project (#tardigrade)

Lunar # motorcycle, consists of an «air» frame made of aluminum with a thickness of ten millimeters. The frame is wrapped in a tube exoskeleton, and an aluminum-coated Kevlar coating was provided by NASA supplier DuPont to protect the powertrain from cosmic radiation and minor impacts and the harsh coldness of the Moon. The electric powertrain was provided by a Swedish company.

Although, as far as the design of the Tardigrade is concerned, its roots are in Moscow. For the first time an electric motorcycle with this design was presented at Insta by a graduate of MAMI

Here is what the creator of the world’s first two-wheeled space vehicle concept told us in a short comment.

OK. Tardigrade is probably still far from lunar regoliths, but the concept itself is very interesting. I especially had to work on its wheels. Hookie developed airless tires by 3D printing 12 polyurethane tread modules for each wheel before attaching them to motorcycle rims. In reality, such a technology would make it possible to easily replace individual damaged parts.

Maximum speed limited

Undoubtedly, over time, on the Moon and on Mars, various types of wheeled transport will be used. It is likely that two-wheeled vehicles will also be among them. And it would be great if one of these machines was invented and created in Russia.

In the meantime, the prototype of the first «lunar» motorcycle will be presented at

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