Russian energy development strategy and 1 trillion.


In Moscow these days there is an annual

Yesterday, # Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak answered her questions. His presentation was informative, rational and realistic. Personally, I did not notice any kind of projection or retrograde in his words. He cited real statistical and forecast data. By the way, Alexander Novak confirmed that already today # Russia’s energy balance can be considered one of the «greenest» in the world — about 40% of the generation is carbon-free. This percentage includes the generation of all new solar, wind power plants, and of course our # of hydroelectric power plants and nuclear power plants.

Alexander Novak

We understand very well that the energy transition has been announced by many countries, dozens of countries. It is inevitable. This is primarily a request of consumers and society. And of course the speed will depend on various factors. There are different forecasts for the energy transition, the transition to climate neutrality. Well, let’s say the International Energy Agency gives different scenarios. If today the share of hydrocarbons is 90%, and under various scenarios it will decrease to 70, 50, and even 20% by 2050. It depends on what trends will be, how technologies will develop.

Elvira Nabiullina

Alexander Novak

As for our position on this issue, we certainly take into account this

There are some nuances here regarding the fact that we are not going to close the existing power plants. We are modernizing them. We are not going to specifically change the energy balance, but we are simply focusing on new energy sources. The companies themselves are diversifying, they fully comply with the requirements associated with reducing the carbon footprint …

If we talk about foreign markets … As you know, Russia is a leader in traditional energy sources. We cover approximately 20% of the demand for world oil and gas trade. And our task is to remain in this market even if the share of hydrocarbons in the global energy balance is decreasing. But at the same time, we understand that new sources of energy will appear, such as hydrogen. They will increase their share in the global energy balance. Therefore, strategically, we now set ourselves the goal of developing this sector, developing technologies, investing in research and development work, together with our companies, together with the scientific community. This also applies to the production of hydrogen, and its transportation, storage, use in sectors of the economy. We believe that we could also take a balance of 20% in the world market …

Alexander Novak also said that nuclear energy will also develop in accordance with the decarbonization strategy. If today its share is 20%, then by 2040 it may grow to 25%. In his opinion, in the future there will be demand for floating nuclear power plants, and mini reactors that can provide energy even to individual settlements.

The Deputy Prime Minister focused on the fact that in the future technological neutrality should be spelled out at the international level, so that, for example, «blue», «yellow» and #green hydrogen are recognized as equivalent. That is, hydrogen obtained from natural gas, as well as by electrolysis using atomic electricity, and of course obtained using renewable energy.

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