Russian Maglev — Our answer to the Chinese or Americans?


On the Forum «Army-2021» was presented another, purely civil development — the Russian version of the train on the magnetic cushion (Maglev). Although, to call the development of the layout on the bench was unlikely to be correct, even though its creator is a corporation # Moscow Institute of Heat Engineering (

We will consider this project with some kind of conversion.

General Designer Mit Yuri Solomonov said that this type of transport will have inholesmate, and maybe even unmanned. Testing prototypes must begin in the current year. As for the type of Russian Maglava himself, it is rather similar to the existing Moscow monorax, but with other drive technology in motion. To be honest, it is clear that we can stating that as in the electric car here we are also in the role of catching up. Just catching up in this case are not Americans, but rather the Chinese.

China is currently already in normal mode

China is currently possible to be considered an undisputed leader in the implementation of innovation in railway transport. In addition to the already operating branch of the Shanghai Metro based on Maglev Technology, this year a high-speed train on a magnetic suspension was presented, which develops speed

A new road is built for his work, which will connect Shenzhen with Shanghai. Distance just over 1200 km. The new train will overcome about 2.5 hours, instead of the current 10-hour way. This is practically the speed of the Hyperloop system, only without a pipe with low pressure. By the way, the Hyperloop will be slightly lower.

Of course, the speed and level of development by the Chinese innovative solutions is impressive. And the main rate of their introduction into life. And in this case, # Maglev train is completely Chinese development. CRRC SRI also created a coupling device, anti-vibration system, electrical system, information system for passengers and other important components # trains. The company’s specialists in 1.5 years have developed magnetic poles for hydromechanical trains on a magnetic suspension. The operating temperatures of the electromagnetic suspension system from -25 ° C to 170 ° C.

For safe operation, the train is equipped with a non-contact power supply system. If # speed exceeds 100 km / h, the train will work from a contactless power source.

Among the comments periodically slip messages, with a sinic subtext, which, they say, where the #Hyuperloop project is advertised by the Ilona Maska. In fact, the Hyperloop project is alive and develops, but by several companies. In particular, in this area there are two large and independent projects, it is #virgin Hyperloop Richard Branson, and the project of Hyperloop TT.

Each of these projects has its counterparties in many countries from the United States to India and Saudi Arabia.

What we started to develop a maglev-train is wonderful. The only question is why in our country there are thinking reactivity. That is, first in the West, or in China, something cool create, and only then the «our» officials appear on this reaction — «

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