Solar Autobahns in Germany — energy efficiency potential up to 72 GW per year


In Germany, the Institute for Solar Energy Systems. Fraunhofer (

In fact, this idea was just in the air, and it was only a matter of time before someone decided to tackle this idea in reality. Highways occupy not a small area in any country.

According to the same calculations, even if only the Autobahns (those 2.6% of the territory) are covered with sun canopies, it will be

By the way, this work has another positive «side» effect, in addition to generating clean energy, it is

Despite the seemingly fantastic scale of the project, and it is estimated at about

In addition to the sheds themselves, # the noise barriers along the roads with built-in photovoltaic modules are part of the project. Integrated solar solar panels on the autobahn network can make a big contribution to the #energy transition. What

It is assumed that in the near future construction of a test 40-meter section will begin, which will be covered with a «solar canopy» and will also be equipped with noise protection screens with solar panels.

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