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Innovation, renovation are related words. In general, they represent a deep renewal. And if you think that renovation is a simple demolition of old five-story buildings, and the construction of multi-storey people in their place, then you are deeply mistaken. By definition, # renovation is an improvement, # reconstruction and # restoration of something without destroying the integrity of the structure. And below we will give an example of a renovation in German.

Germany today is one of the world leaders in the introduction of new technologies, which are a decarbonization tool in all spheres of life. In particular, this applies to both transport and households.

The Minister of Energy spoke about transport the other day # frg

Renovation is modernization, not demolition. This policy is carried out in the city of Regensburg. The historic quarter of Margaretenau has been modernized with a new type of energy management system. The energy management system uses weather data, energy consumption data and energy price data. Thus, artificial intelligence recognizes energy consumption patterns, creating an optimized energy consumption system to meet the interests of the residents of the house.

Houses in this quarter are equipped with solar panels on the roofs, and energy storage systems are installed in special rooms. The energy retrofit is complemented by solar-active façade plastering and a highly efficient hybrid combination of CHP and heat pump technology. It also helps to save energy and therefore reduce CO2 emissions.

The system’s hybridity also lies in the presence of a gas generator in its composition, which works in case of insufficient energy production by solar panels, and an insufficient volume of energy pumped into the storage device. At the same time, the heat generated by the engine is supplied to the heating network of the building (heating / hot water preparation).

All this as a whole allows to make old houses more comfortable and energy efficient. Part of the electricity is produced by panels on the roof, part is «pumped» into the storage device from the general network, but at a time when the price of energy is lower, that is, at night. Thanks to this system, the rent for residents does not increase after modernization.

the modernization of Margaretenau is only part of a large project by the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) called “

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