Solectrac — young farmers ripe for electric tractors


Steve Hecker

The head of Solectrac, a California-based electric tractor company, confirms my thoughts as stated by

But, as they say: to be afraid of wolves — do not go to the forest. And history and scientific and technological progress are made by a few, after which then all the rest rush over time.

In 2017, Steve Heckerot in California

Solectrac is rightfully considered to be the founder of electric tractors in the US #. While other, well-known and huge companies were just experimenting with the electric tractor, Solectrac, following the example of #tesla, initially focused on the production of electric tractors.

Electric Tractor e70N


EFarmer Electric Tractor

As you can see, the company manufactures machines for different levels of agricultural work load. And the most important feature (and many other manufacturers today are going this way) of Solectrac electric tractors are replaceable battery packs. That is, while the # farmer is working on the tractor in the field, the replaceable battery pack is being charged. The charging time is quite consistent with the operating time, so you can safely work the entire working day on the Solectrac electric tractor, changing the battery 1 or 2 times, depending on the workload.

Solectrac was bought out this summer

This is how white-collar workers from New York have teamed up with innovators and manufacturers in San Jose to create products that could soon revolutionize the conservative and entrenched understanding of agriculture. Forget about the tractor driver who, after a work shift or even during one, tries to fix a broken diesel tractor in the field. At least in the USA it will be so very soon. What will follow after this? By getting rid of spending on # fuels and lubricants, American farmers will be even more productive, and will be able to capture # the market by offering more interesting prices, thereby ousting from it those producers who still live in the «stone», more precisely in the diesel age.

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