Specific parameters of stimulating production and sales of electric vehicles in Belarus became known.


We are closely following the development of the electric vehicle in fraternal Belarus. There is something to learn, and most importantly, rejoice for Belarusians. After all, if something is said there, it will be done. Well, if someone wants to askabout, then the conversation will be short. Here, by the way, he plays great favor, as Alexander Lukashenko «Crumbled» by frames once said. I could not cope with the task — Walk, at best.

Belarus is now the leader in the development of the electric transport industry. There are electrical workers, trolley buses, railway transport, and even develop on the «decarbonization» of Belaz career dump trucks.

An important element of the development of an electric vehicle is the growth of electric vehicles in the country. In order for this growth to become tangible for this, it is necessary to create conditions that will make # electric cars attractive to buyers. But besides the explosion of electric vehicles from abroad, you need to create conditions for their production in the republic.

A few days ago # President of Belarus # Alexander Lukashenko

Today, Deputy Prime Minister of Belarus Yuri Nazarov during a joint meeting of the House of Representatives and the Council of the Republic in the Oval Hall of the Government House announced some of the measures to be adopted and implemented for the growth of the new sector of the economy.


There are no direct subsidies, and no one can say that the development of the electric vehicle goes for someone else’s account, as opponents of electromobilization often like to speak.

These measures, which Yuri Nazarov announced, will contribute to the acceleration of the creation of a new industry of the Republican economy, which in a few years will begin to give sustainable # profit to the state budget.

One of the main elements of the electric vehicle, of course, is the charging infrastructure. And here too, new growth stimulating measures will be applied. As with electric cars, there will be no direct subsidies here, and tax benefits will be applied.

That is, besides the fact that the Petroleum Company # Belorusneft develops a charging network under the #malanka brand, it will benefit and private charging networks will be built, applying the above measures.

On this good electromotive news from Belarus do not end. There will be another interesting news ahead. Stay with us.

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