Starlink Network Laser Satellites Based on Polar orbit 10x PH Falcon 9


After a long break, Spacex resumed the conclusion into the Starlink satellites orbit. Today, the Space Company Ilona Mask implemented the 29th start on the Starlink program, and brought the party from 51 satellites of the new version to the polar orbit

What else to note is that many are missing — each satellite #starlink has onboard ion engines operating on Crypton. They bring satellites to their target orbit. That is, it is necessary to understand that Ilona Mask works not only over the «chemical» engines, but has competencies in the development and production of electrical, ion engines.

I will not throw a stone «in the garden» of a particular Russian telecom operator, but I will give an example from my trip to not such a distant province on this weekend. Just some 350 km from Moscow. Not only are there on the way that there were strange places where the connection was practically leaving in zero, but on arrival at the place, I was very surprised by the fact that the signal level fell to the indicator «E».

In addition to the withdrawal of the first batch of «laser» satellites, this start was marked by another confirmation of the reliable repaid of the pH #Falcon 9. Booster

Today, no other state-owned space agency or private space company could create and successfully demonstrate their reusable pH. On their creation, following the conceit success of Spacex, almost all participants in the Earth Space Industry said, even # Roskosmos. But so far no one has done this in reality, and it is possible to say with all certainty that approximately for the next 3 years Spacex will definitely remain a monopolist of «reparency».

Spacex continues to develop and piloted program. Tomorrow will be the first # start of a fully civilian mission Inspiration4 on an modernized specifically for this mission ship #crew Dragon Resilience. About this mission, and crew members, tell me in one of the following materials.

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Satellite Internet becomes really high-speed. And given the fact that today’s part of the satellites is bred to the Polar orbit, which also passes over the territory of Russia, we can say that through several starts the Starlink network will cover the entire surface of the planet Earth. And this is one of the unconditional advantages of the network of satellite Internet from Ilona Mask, when communication becomes available in the most remote and hard-to-reach areas, where there can even be hundreds of kilometers there is no terrestrial communication infrastructure.