Starship and Super Heavy systems installed first Mechazilla arms on launch turret


There has been a lot of controversy and speculation about how SpaceX is implementing the Starship and Super Heavy launch vehicle at the final landing stage. At the beginning of the year, among the readers of Elon Musk, with his submission, almost a competition on this topic flared up. There were many interesting proposals. I don’t know how much the synergy of Musk’s subscribers helped to solve this problem, but judging by the fresh photos from the launch complex, #spacex has decided on the mechanization of the capture system and has already installed the first «hand» of the system, nicknamed Mechazilla. We will understand how this system will look and how it will work when all the gripping levers are installed.

It can also be concluded that # Elon Musk and the company’s engineers have finally abandoned the idea of landing the ship and the launch vehicle on their own on a concrete landing pad.

All previous experience showed that, in principle, it would be possible to successfully land Starship, and probably Super Heavy, but. And it was this «but» that was decisive. When touching the surface, such massive objects would still receive some mechanical damage and even deformation, especially when the jet stream ricochets from the landing pad into the engine compartment. Here, as they say,

The change in the landing system also means that the transfer of a significant part of the mechanization of landing from Starship and Super Heavy to the launch and landing complex increases the payload of the rocket and space system by several percent.

The installed «arm» #mechazilla probably has the purpose not so much of the future capture of the landing Starship and Super Heavy, but of the «stabilizer» of the product during prelaunch preparation. In the photo, you can clearly see at the bottom of the «arm» two «small» levers that should grip the Super Heavy, stabilizing it during the Starship docking.

So, most likely, in the coming days, work will begin on the launch tower on the installation of the gripper levers for the landing #starship and #super heavy.

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