Stumbling block in the EAEU — zero customs duty on electric vehicles


On October 29, a regular meeting of the Council of the Eurasian Economic Commission took place. It discussed and resolved many issues of economic integration and interaction in the EAEU space.

The rates of customs duties on products and raw materials of various categories, as usual, were one of the main issues that require a joint solution. In particular, decisions were made on the rates of duties on citrus fruit masses intended for the production of juices, duties on certain types of cotton fabrics, as well as rates on the import of transformers intended for the production of microwave ovens, phosphate esters and their compounds.

Many rates were either zeroed or halved. The only question that interests our readers was not discussed at this meeting, based on the final documents of this meeting. This is the question of import duties on electric vehicles.

By the way, this issue was not at all in the plans for discussion at this meeting. That is, it is too early to speak about what the import duty on vehicles with electric motors will be next year. The next meeting of the EEC Council will take place on November 15, literally half a month later, and it is quite likely that it will clarify this issue at this meeting.

According to some information, even in the position of the Russian delegation there is no unity on this issue. While the # Ministry of Economic Development advocates the introduction of duties, the Ministry of Industry and Trade is skeptical about it. Officials who support the introduction of duties slyly declare that they are needed, allegedly, to establish the production of electric vehicles in Russia.

This position does not stand up to criticism.

At first


That is, in fact, there is nothing yet. So what do some officials want to protect, and from whom?

There is also an important issue, this is the spirit of cooperation within the EAEU itself. It is no secret that zero customs duties on electric vehicles suit Belarus, which is actively developing this area within the republic. By the way, zero # customs duties on the import of electric vehicles does not prevent the start of pilot production in Belarus,

Also, the zero rate is quite beneficial to Armenia, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan.

The question is — will the rate of customs duty on the import of goods that are not yet produced in Russia become the topic that will split the #EUU? It’s worth it?

Russian officials and businessmen should first build something, create something, and prove that something new is worth raising customs duties.

And this is the pocket, by the way, of not the richest Russians, since according to all statistical data ~ 90% of the entire Russian electric vehicle market is just budget used # electric cars from Japan.

Below you see a # survey on the attitude to the customs rate on the import of electric vehicles.

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