Taiwanese company Gogoro takes over the Chinese market


While tensions are once again building around Taiwan due to the efforts of first-level politicians, the Taiwanese company Gogoro is breaking into the mainland China market with its battery-as-a-service business model.

Let me remind you that the company

Gogoro came to China through partnerships with local two-wheeler manufacturers, companies

Now let’s think about it.

Based on the words of Horatio, we can conclude that #gogoro with partners is going to take over a considerable share of the segment numbering

Yadea is one of the leading Chinese electric micromobility vehicle manufacturers. They make electric # scooters, # bicycles, # scooters. Now, having created a partnership with Gogoro, a fundamentally new ecosystem will be created in China — more user-friendly, and safer and more responsible in terms of attitude to batteries, and, therefore, ecology. Gogoro’s second major Chinese partner was Jiangmen Dachangjiang Group Co. It produces mainly «classic» motorcycles, as well as scooters, including electric ones.

That is, Jiangmen Dachangjiang Group Co. stepped on the path of gradual decarbonization of its lineup.

With a history of successful business in Taiwan as well as entering the mainland China market, Gogoro begins to prepare the future of #ipo and listing on the #nasdaq exchange. Here, Gogoro has another significant trump card — the company enlisted the support of the Indian

So, future investors, be on the lookout for the new leader in the electric micromobility industry. Gogoro is set to become as successful a company and as much a trendsetter in its industry as #tesla is in the automotive industry. And there is every reason for this.

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