Tesla is preparing to become an energy company


Tesla has been successfully building energy infrastructure for several years, both at the micro and at the macro level. They manufacture and sell solar roofs, energy storage, from models for private households to giant storage devices for energy companies around the world, from California to Australia. And it was only a matter of time before # Elon Musk decided that it was time for Tesla to become an independent player in the electricity market. And that time has come.

The parent company #tesla registered its 100% daughter in Texas under the name

Currently, there are approximately

By applying for a retail electricity market operator license, Tesla wants to become a direct electricity supplier to Texas households. To do this, the company will use the resources of its two giant storage devices. One of them will be located on the territory of the Tesla construction plant near Austin (the capital of the state of #Texas), and the other

Tesla’s power distribution network is expected to cover tens of thousands of households. In addition, Tesla will not only sell electricity, but also buy it from owners of solar roofs, and other private renewable micro-generation systems (

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