Tesla Model Y troopers arrive in Europe, boosting European EV market share


An ocean ferry-car transporter from China moored in one of the European ports. It has thousands of brand new Tesla Model Y electric vehicles on board.

According to statistics, crossover cars are very popular and occupy a significant market share. About 44%. At the same time, according to the statistics of sales and registrations, # electrified cars in June


A little over a year ago, it seemed that the Germans, with their organization and pedantry, would be able to break the Chinese record for the construction time of the #tesla plant near Berlin. But the German bureaucracy, apparently, turned out to be stronger than the Chinese. And some «activists» sometimes hindered the construction of the plant with various quibbles in the local municipality. So the Germans were beaten by the American worker. Test production of #model y at the company’s new Austin plant could begin this week. In general, this will give a good leap for Tesla to get as close to the mark as possible by the end of the year.

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