Tesla Oktoberfest — Giga Berlin unofficially opened on October 9


On October 9, at the site in front of the entrance to the main building of the new Tesla Giga Berlin plant, the party promised by Elon Musk was held to mark the opening of the plant. Although, this event can be considered not an official opening of the plant, but a national one, since the State Environmental Agency has not yet approved Tesla’s official application to launch Giga Berlin into operation. So the official start of production is hindered only by minor bureaucratic delays, which, as I assume, will be eliminated in the near future.

In any case, we can say with all confidence that a historic event for the European and world car industry has taken place. By the end of the year and the European car market will be released European Tesla Model 3 and Model Y. According to the company, within a year the plant should reach production capacity of 10,000 cars per week. The banner that stood at the entrance to the workshop even says that the production process will be brought up to the possibility of assembling the 1st body every 45 seconds.

Cars produced at Giga Berlin will be fundamentally new.

As stated earlier, when these innovations were unveiled at Tesla Battery Day a year ago, they will reduce vehicle weight by 10%, while increasing range by 14%, and will also improve the vehicle’s structural reliability.

So, Tesla’s new #giga berlin plant is actually ready to start producing and supplying electric vehicles to the European market. Now these will no longer be export cars from the USA and China, but local ones. This means that we can expect some price correction, from which the component of supplies from overseas and from the other end of the continent will be gradually removed. Sales statistics show that demand for Tesla electric cars was higher than supply, so there will be no overstocking of factory sites and overproduction. You can also suggest that it will be more convenient for Russians to buy #tesla for themselves by going to Germany.

Well, plus to everything, like a cherry on top of a cake, or a nail in a box, this is of course an acceleration in the reduction of consumption of petroleum products in Europe. The logical chain is simple: more electric vehicles — less need for gasoline — cleaner air — healthier population — lower incomes for petroleum producers. And this is only practically the beginning. Now the process of electromobile transformation of the European factories #volkswagen and # mercedes-benz is underway, new production units are being built #renault …

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