The best car service is the lack of need for its maintenance


Many will seem fantastic headlock itself. But it thinks, and says the head of Tesla Ilon Mask. Responding to the request of one of his followers on Twitter, to replace the request to the previously released Model 3 and Model Y lead-acid # 12-volt batteries on lithium-ion, Ilon said that the company listens to this request, at the same time stressed that » … Unlike other car manufacturers, our goal is * not to receive profits from service. The best service is first of all the need for maintenance. «

About the fact that the owners of electric vehicles # Tesla, and other brands, independently change 12-volt lead-acid # batteries on lithium, we wrote earlier.

That before the thesis that «

But with an electric car you will not fall into a situation where you cannot control whether works or not. Many have come across cases when leaving the car in repair or on scheduled maintenance, car owners, having received their car, only then learned that the replacement of oils, filters and other parts that you can not or do not know how to quickly be visually determined, were carried out only on paper. This is a typical way of deception of unfair services.

But in the electric car, in particular in Tesla, there is practically no way to be smooth in maintenance and repair. In this, there is one of the ideological postulates of the company, about whom Ilon Mask said.

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