The Chinese have already reorganized.


New statistics on the Chinese auto market and research on the sentiment of Chinese buyers arrived in time. There are three main markets and players in the global «electric car race», they are # China, the US and Europe, and it is not surprising that American consulting companies are interested in studying the sentiments of Chinese consumers.

American company

Among the Chinese who have already bought an electric car, ~ 99% are ready to buy another «train»

According to statistics from the China Light Vehicle Association, NEV light vehicle sales in China totaled 368,000 units in October. And in total from January to October have already been sold

In just one year, since October last year, the share of electric vehicles in the volume of new cars sold

Seeing # the speed of #ev sector progression, and comparing it with the consumer sentiment, it can be assumed that in 1.5-2 years # electric cars in China will overtake fossil-fuel ones in terms of production and sales. Further, it will be possible to calculate how much this will reduce China’s consumption of petroleum products in the automotive fuel segment, with the ensuing consequences for its exporters.

Here it should be clarified that in the volume of electrified vehicles

The bestsellers include the Hongguang Mini EV and the SAIC-GM-Wuling minicar, as well as the #tesla Model 3. And by the way, Tesla is by no means the most expensive and luxury brand in the Chinese electric vehicle market. I showed some examples in the material «

The trends are clear and obvious. Only the most short-sighted person will deliberately overlook them, to put it very diplomatically. And it is surprising that in some of our ministerial offices they are thinking of putting up a «barrier» against imported electric vehicles again, by abolishing zero import customs duties (

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