The crew of the Crew Dragon Resilience mission Inspiration4 returned safely to Earth


Today the first «tourist», civilian orbital mission on the Crew Dragon Resilience spacecraft has been successfully completed. The crew of the Inspiration4 mission, consisting of a financier, a medical assistant at a children’s hospital, a professor of geology, and an Air Force veteran, spent almost 3 days in an autonomous flight in near-earth space.

The main purpose of the flight was a charity event to raise funds for a children’s hospital. It is also important to note that this flight was the 4th manned flight on the Crew Dragon ships.

Speaking about the projects of Elon Musk, and SpaceX in particular, deservedly and often have to use the epithet «for the first time». This flight on Crew Dragon Resilience is no exception.

There was a lot here for the first time:

The main purpose of the flight was a charity fundraiser for the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. It was planned to raise $ 200 million. During the mission, it turned out to collect $ 160 million. After a successful splashdown # Ilon Musk announced that he was donating another $ 50 million for himself. So we can say that the Inspiration4 task is 100% complete.

Deorbiting, splashdown and further installation of the Crew Dragon on board the rescue vehicle took place as usual. All the crew members seemed very cheerful after leaving the ship. Perhaps just now the captain of the crew, Jared Isaacman, was feeling a little shaky, judging by the gait after exiting the ship.

Here, in principle, everything is individual. Everyone has a different limit of fatigue and psychological stress. But in general, everything is within the normal range, as one could understand.

The next successful flight of the #crew dragon spacecraft, plus everything that was specially modernized for the tasks of space tourism, opens up new prospects for the space company of Elon Musk. # the ship has once again proved its reliability, and the Crew Dragon observation dome gives such impressive emotions that I suppose there is already a queue of people wishing to experience it all for themselves. And then, of course, #spacex not on the head, but on several sides bypasses both #virgin galactic and #blue origin with their short-term suborbital jumps to the Karman line. Market is market, and SpaceX has come up with and successfully demonstrated a more interesting product.


And in the end I will touch upon one important topic when we talk about spaceships, flights and orbital stations … we are people, not robots …

Some were outspoken about having a toilet on Crew Dragon. That is how it is. See the photo below.

It is located above the side hatch of the ship. And there is also a special curtain-screen that can be used for a calm natural process. So on this we can close this topic.

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