The first electric Honda E arrives in Moscow


Honda is one of the most famous and oldest Japanese auto-moto brands, which turns 73 this year. In Russia, the company has a small, but quite loyal audience to the brand. And despite this, Honda still announced the termination of official deliveries to Russia from 2022, focusing on the US and Chinese markets. This is primarily due to the upcoming large-scale electrification of the model range, which is relevant for the European Union, China and the United States. We will tell you separately about the strategy for the electrification of Honda. And now, with regard to Russia.

So, already next year, if anyone wants to buy a #honda car for himself, then most likely he will be forced to do it on his own (which is quite problematic if restrictions on movement persist) or order a car from companies specializing in this type of service. … And with a high degree of probability it will be a new or used car from Europe. As for our direction, today in Europe 4 hybrids are officially sold (JAZZ, CR-V, HR-V and NSX), and 1 fully electric car — #honda e.

The company itself certifies the Honda e exclusively as a city # electric car, without pretending to be something more significant. Although, even with the stated range in

The exterior, #exterior, of an electric car is really quite memorable, positive and even funny, that’s why it can be called an «electric car». But the relatively small size does not mean that it is not equipped with modern technologies.

The Honda E has a large full-width LCD panel that combines the «dashboard», the multimedia system, and, most interestingly, the end screens on which the image is displayed from the video cameras instead of the rear-view mirrors. This last option is not present in all modern electric vehicles today. And this is not just modern and technological. Imagine winter. It is at this time of the year that this option will be especially useful and convenient.

I am also pleased with the presence of an outlet in the cabin for

The next interesting point is the location of the charging port. It is located not on the sides, like gas tank hatches, and not in front in the area of the false radiator grille, like in many electric cars. The charging port in the Honda E is located at the top of the front, in the plane of the hood. This is a rather unusual and interesting solution. Well, at least in winter, a layer of dirt of an incomprehensible composition (I’m talking about the so-called anti-icing reagents) from the car in front will not stick to the charging port hatch.

If you ask who this little car is for. Yes, in principle, for any city dweller. It’s perfect for your daily commute. It can be presented to a girlfriend, wife, parents. And of course it will be the 2nd or even the 3rd car in the family.

It was not a brand new # car. But its condition and technical characteristics were almost like new. And if you are thinking about purchasing an electric car, and according to many surveys now about 50% of respondents say that their next car will be electric, then

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the technical characteristics will be supplemented with the electric motor power — 100 kW (154 hp), the torque — 315 Nm, and the acceleration dynamics — up to 100 km / h in 8.3 seconds. It «digests» almost any type of charging, from a conventional AC outlet to fast DC charging — from 2.3 kW to 100 kW. Accordingly, the charging time will be from 15 hours to 20 minutes.