The first hydrogen milkomose proceeded to work



It is actually very quickly, given that since the presentation of the company passed a little more than a year and a half. Here you can make a comparison with a joint project #Nikola Corp and #IVECO, which only approached the beginning of the production process on the assembly of the #Nikola Tre truck, which at first will be completely rechargeable.

The Hyzon Motors hydrogen 55-ton truck created on the basis of the DAF chassis is Hymax 450 Puller designation. The power of its electric motors is approximately 550 kilowatts or 670 horsepower. Range of running on one hydrogen refueling ranges from 500 to 600 km, depending on the road situation and ride style.

And now, in the first days of July, the first Holthausen Clean Technology workshops came out

Hans Viblman, Milk Logistics Manager

As you can see, the development of measurement transport goes as part of the tight cooperation of all sides of this process: developer # machine, manufacturer, transport company, hydrogen manufacturer, fuel company, end user, whose cargo transports # hydrogen truck. Everyone is interested in the development of this process, and here not only do not lose jobs, but new ones are being created. And in the end, the development of pure energy technologies, and # clean air is obtained.

CEO Hyzon Craig Knight

Hyzon Motors emphasize that the hydrant cargo truck can even be preferable for logistics companies.

Hyzon Motors does not stop at Hyzon Motors milk. The company’s plans next year will supply for the company Ark Energies (Korea Zinc subsidiary) the first five units of hydrogen trucks,

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