The first Russian commercial electric car GAZelle e-NN was presented in Moscow


International exhibition COMTRANS 2021 in Moscow

The author’s review was prepared by the head of the company

Russia has already launched the production of electric buses, its own electric motors for electric vehicles. Commercial electric transport is also gradually emerging. The machine has gone through the stages of development and testing, and is already in reality, which is called «in hardware», and this is very pleasing!

More than 200 Russian and foreign exhibitors of #comtrans 2021 presented a wide range of commercial vehicles at their stands!

The stand with a commercial electric vehicle is of great interest

A flatbed truck is very interesting for small businesses! The developers made a transparent floor in the exhibition truck so that all visitors could see the electric motor, which is located almost in the middle of the car in the frame. You can see this in detail in the video review (

The design of the new model is based on a single unified electrical platform, the architecture of which allows the production of a full line of light commercial vehicles: flatbed trucks, minibuses, vans and various options for special equipment.

The design of the #gazelle e-nn electric car combines unified components of the model range of the most popular Russian light commercial vehicle #gazelle next (chassis, body, interior) and original electrical components: traction batteries, electric motor, voltage converter, charger and other components.

The gross vehicle weight is 4.6 tons, the carrying capacity is up to 2.5 tons (on-board modifications). Electric motor — permanent magnet synchronous, peak power — 100 kW, maximum torque — 310 Nm. Energy capacity of storage batteries — 48 kW * h. The maximum speed is 100 km / h, and the range on a single charge is from 120 to 220 km. You can quickly charge up to 80% of the battery capacity in 30 minutes! It is not difficult to install additional batteries in the body and increase the mileage. In fact, an electric car needs a confident one-day range of just 350 km, and it will fully meet all the requirements of small business owners.

Such mandatory functions for electric vehicles as autopilot and machine vision, which allow the car to move autonomously and without the participation of the driver in closed production areas, will appear in the domestic electric truck as soon as it starts to operate in the smallest quantities in small business in Russia. There are several incentives to install such systems: the first is saving on the driver’s salary, a very compelling argument, the next is safety, there is no person behind the wheel — there are no errors in management, round-the-clock operation of an electric vehicle and a full online vision of where it is and its technical condition as well great advantage.

The timing of the mass release of its electric cars on the Russian market # gas does not report, but does not hide the approximate cost of such cars. The initial starting price of GAZelle E-NN in the version with one battery presented at the exhibition is 6 million rubles, which, unfortunately, becomes the main stumbling block for potential buyers of cars of this format. The fact is that in the production of an electric vehicle for a manufacturer’s plant, it is important to pre-order a certain number of cars, and then the price will significantly decrease. A subsidy for the purchase and a leasing scheme for the acquisition, especially for the self-employed and individual entrepreneurs for small businesses, will solve the issue of people’s love for this domestic electric car, which, by the way, has been diligently working as a shuttle bus in the park # vdnkh, technopark # skolkovo and the children’s educational center # sirius for several years !

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