The first Zeekr electric vehicles arrive to customers


The first mass-produced electric vehicles Zeekr 001. Let me remind you that Zeekr is an all-electric brand of the Chinese automotive corporation #geely Group. In total, the Geely Group consists of 18 brands, including Smart, Lotus, Volvo and others.

This week, the keys to the first 50 copies of the new Zeekr 001 electric vehicles were handed over to their customers. From this moment, you can start counting the real existence of a new automobile brand, and monitor the volumes of their production and sales.

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In fact, the Chinese auto industry is developing and transforming in an almost revolutionary regime, taking the best from all over the world. This is understandable, because in order to take a worthy place in the market, so that buyers choose your products with money from their wallets, you have to be at the level of world leaders. And the Chinese car companies are trying their best.

Zeekr 001 is offered in three basic trim levels

One # motor produces 200 kW and the all-wheel drive version is 400 kW. All models have several driving modes in the database — # sports, # energy saving, comfort, personalization. There is no point in listing all the other options. There are so many of them that you just get tired of reading this, and no longer want to look at your Vesta. The Zeekr 001, of course, has an automatic (unmanned) parking system, driving assist systems — active # cruise control at full speed, adaptive cruise, lane keep assist, and so on. All this is powered by the high-performance Smart Drive Mobileye EyeQ5H chip created by

electric car

In addition to everything else, #zeekr will unlock branded superfast #charging stations on

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