The most unusual of all bicycles — the Reevo Hubless is no longer a prototype, but a production model.


We continue to follow the development of the company’s project

As we said earlier, this is actually not such a new idea. She’s a hundred years old at lunchtime. At least in the # USSR, they wrote about this back in the late 60s. But the innovation of the Reevo Bikes team is that they decided to implement this idea by making a serial # electric bike.

Many, at first glance, seem to express a fair doubt that such a scheme can be reliable and durable. However, they forget that we are already living at the beginning of the 3rd decade of the 21st century. Even many startups have the opportunity to operate with modern composite materials when creating their products, which make the final product stronger and more reliable. Although, if you watch the video below, making your own bicycle with wheels without hubs and spokes is almost elementary. You just need to have hands growing from the right place, and the necessary tools.

Returning to the Reevo Hubless electric bike today, we can note the fact that it has already passed from the category of a prototype and show product to a serial production. It is assembled at the production facilities of #volton bicycles, a Chicago-based company that has established itself in the electric bike market for 10 years.


I will not dwell on the technical characteristics of the Reevo Hubless in detail. You can find them in our previous article about the miracle bike «

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