The ninth flight Ingenuity became the longest and long


Today, the 9th flight of an electric helicopter «Ingenuity» (Ingenuity) took place above the sands of the Martian Crater # Ezero. According to the team of engineers of the NASA jet movement laboratory, this flight exceeded all expectations. «

The 9th flight lasted 166.4 seconds, and with a speed of 5 m / s, a distance of 625 meters was overcome.

The NASA says that the flight passed over a not very friendly terrain characterized by dangerous sands and vegans, which can distort the calculations of the side computer of the right height of the flight.

Also, they say that in this flight they tried to plan the flight in such a way as to «bring it to the limit» all the elements of the helicopter. And since the flight was successful, it can be assumed that the «Ingenuity» even remained a margin of safety.

From myself I will say that in # NASA, of course, can try to raise the bar for «ingenuity» even higher, but it is hardly appropriate. The technology has shown its worth, helicopter elements (batteries, engine, on-board computer) showed their reliability. In principle, it is no longer necessary to prove anything and you can leave the helicopter as a museum exhibit under the open-air, until the # Mars stands the leg of the colonists, and the Mars Research Museum will not be created.

As usual JPL (JET Propulsion Laboratory) publishes a black and white self-shadow # photo made by a helicopter navigation chamber.

Interestingly, so far, despite the already 9 successful flights of the Martian helicopter, none of the National Space Agency (except NASA) stated his desire to repeat this experience and scale it. It is likely that the first who will throw the Americans a challenge in the Martian sky will be the Chinese. Well, the rest will be modestly standing on the sidelines, and observe, building a guru of the study of space, which «do not omit» to such adventurous projects.

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