The official report on the reasons for collapse in Texas


As it is known, rumors and phobias are most often distributed in a low-fledged and uncivilized environment. People with absence

We are constantly hearing delusional

So happened with events in the state # Texas.

As it turned out this photo appeared

What happened in fact



Recall one of the first

Earlier, the Taxha power supply advice simulated the situation with peak consumption in the winter period of 67 GW, which is 80% of the installed capacity. According to calculations, the entire volume was fully covered by the production of gas, coal and nuclear power plants. As for the windmills, only 8% of the production of 6 GW was assigned to their share at peak load.

And what about renewable energy?

Solar generation showed itself the most reliable source of losing only 1%

Another reason is called

The report also includes a list of measures to prevent such situations in the future,

The response to the energy collapse was a boom of renewable energy. So network operator Ercot

After these events, the turn on the sunny roof from #tesla was stretched for six months.

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