The Tesla Model Y electric crossover, produced at the Chinese enterprise Giga Shanghai, has appeared in Moscow!


The Ministry of Industry and Informatization of the PRC has included Model Y electric vehicles produced in the country in the updated list of car models on alternative energy sources, which are covered by the state subsidy program, which provides for exemption from tax on the acquisition of models included in the list approved by the authorities.

According to official information, customers received the first # cars in September this year. They are all marked MIC (

Recall that the #tesla model y electric crossover began to roll off the assembly line of the California plant in early 2020. Chinese-made cars appeared in January 2021, when the #giga shanghai enterprise was launched.

The first phase of the facility, located in the Lingang Special District of the Shanghai Pilot Free Trade Zone, was completed in just one year by the end of 2019. Just, for example, compare the construction time of Giga # Berlin, where politicians, pseudo environmental activists, most likely engaged by #tesla’s competitors in Germany, intervened in the process.

Before Model Y, only the #tesla model 3 sedan was assembled at the factory. Total investments in the Giga Shanghai project amounted to about 50 billion yuan (about $ 7.8 billion). And the construction process for the Tesla production complex has not yet been completed. After the commissioning of the 1st and 2nd stages of the plant, work is underway on the construction of additional buildings for maximum localization of the manufactured products.

It is very important that the Tesla Model Y electric car assembled in China for Europe received batteries of the new 4680 form factor. This means that the car will have much more outstanding power reserve characteristics! According to experts, Tesla is preparing to release a new version of the Model Y crossover with a significantly increased cruising range. The version with the code name Super Long Range should pass without recharging

A distinctive feature of the new batteries is the use of traction batteries based on iron phosphate (LFP), which have greater durability and fire safety, but are less resistant to frost and provide a lower charge storage density than batteries with cobalt content. In the eyes of the manufacturer, the main advantage of such traction batteries is their lower price. This factor is very important for the end user. But you must also understand that Tesla has a liquid temperature control system for the battery pack. Therefore, it will not overheat or freeze, and the optimal temperature regime will allow the traction battery to serve for many years.

It is with this model of an electric car that you can get acquainted in detail practically in the center of Moscow, in the company

There is no need to wait for additional preferences and subsidies. Already today there are enough bonuses from owning an electric car — the price of «fuel», that is, electricity, especially if you live in your house, # free parking, no road tax, and

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