The third quarter will again be a record for Tesla


The time of the next quarterly report for Tesla is approaching. Each of the previous reports has shown steady growth in production and sales of the global leader in the electromobility industry. In the first quarter, the company sold

As for the third quarter, analysts’ opinions differ only in terms of the expected result, agreeing that it will be very good for #tesla anyway. And this is even despite the # chip crisis, which continues to excite the entire automotive industry, without exception. Oddly enough, it even touched #AvtoVAZ at some point. As for the delivery figures in the third quarter, the forecasts vary.

The most interesting question remains whether Tesla will be able to reach the mark of 1,000,000 electric vehicles sold this year.

But even good news is bad news for the stock market bears. They are always «unhappy» with everything. Of course, their «dissatisfaction» is purely professional, in order to shake the market, and earn extra money on the swing of stock quotes. This time everything is exactly the same. Despite the good analytics, they pushed the market down a bit, claiming that the level of dividends per share, in their opinion, is still too low.

At the same time, Tesla shares were testing the mark in

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