The Trillionaires Club has expanded.


On October 25, Tesla recorded another # record — financial, stock.

Tesla, a car and energy company, has taken a psychologically important milestone. Tesla shares are likely to be traded on the Nasdaq today.

Another news that spurred Tesla’s capitalization growth was a large order from a sharing company.

Now Elon Musk’s company is in the «club of trillionaires», including Apple ($ 2.461 trillion) and Amazon ($ 1.683 trillion). Also in the Trillionaire Club are Microsoft, Alphabet, Google’s parent company. This is an undeniable success for both Elon Musk personally, his vision, and his hard work in promoting electric vehicles and clean energy based on solar panels and energy storage systems.

Someone, of course, will say that these are just stock exchange games. And this is partly true. But only partly. Indeed, Tesla has fundamental reserves for even greater growth. Electric mobilization cannot be stopped, and the demand for electric vehicles will only grow. During the year, new factories of the company near Berlin and Austin will reach full capacity. With a high degree of probability, what is called «do not wash, so by rolling», and Tesla will come to the Indian market. And these are tens, if not hundreds, of millions of potential customers. Especially considering that Elon announced the release of a «budget» Tesla cost

And of course, if a person buys a Tesla electric car, and if he lives in a separate house, then, with a high degree of probability, he will also install a «solar roof» and an energy storage device.

Therefore, today’s #tesla record on #nasdaq is not accidental, but logical.

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